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What do you like best about Telluride?

There is the obvious, the mountains, the activities, the overall sense of perpetual motion.  But, more than anything I like that people remember your name.  For all of the transient nature of this town, you can leave and return to smiles and warm greetings.

What would make for a better Telluride?

Well, for one thing, less dog poop.  Face it, our gorgeous River Trail is gross when the snow melts.  And, more support for service industry and retail businesses.  When I came to Telluride in 1997 we had Liemgruber's (spelling?), the Swede-Finn, and more.  Many of the unique and privately owned businesses have been replaced with condominiums and the like.  I understand that growth is inevitable, but it's important to retain and support the small business owners who provide jobs and memorable experiences for Telluride's guests.

What would make for a more sustainable Telluride?

I worry about water.  I worry about the quality of our water, the lack of water, and the usage of water.  Quite frankly, I do not know how the ski area or golf course impacts the snow pack or water table in our area, but even so,  the amount water that is used to maintain manicured green grass and non-native landscaping makes me wonder.  I think the majority of people in Telluride are conscientious about their use of water, but every once in awhile you still see a grassy yard being watered at high noon.  Along with the push against plastic bags and greener building codes, I would like to see more emphasis on water conservation.

On a national level, what would be change you could believe in?

On a national level, I believe it is imperative to have an educated citizenry who can THINK.  If public schools and education in general is not given national priority, none of the other programs and policies currently proposed will have any longevity.  I want to see public schools and education be top listed and attention given to the young people of this country.

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October 01, 2010
PS .Our resevior is full there is no need to conserve water-any water we dont use is not stored and flows down to the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. If the reseviors are not full of course conserve water. Also keep your dogs from going near running creeks,rivers and streams they pollute our water.

Please do some more research on your new "cause"- conserving water at the source in Telluride is like saving a dolphin from a plastic bag in Telluride-some things just dont correlate.
October 01, 2010
Please dont worry about water-we are on the other side of the mountain from the ski area and have different sources. The ski area may use water from the San Miguel on the front this year-any snow made will melt back into the river on our side.

Also if you are really concerned about water-go find out why the Town council gave away all the headwaters in our county-that will be the real water war if there is a drought.

I must thank you for your concern for the kids-especially since-

"If public schools and education in general is not given national priority,"-should be ARE not given ...- we must set a good example !