Pera:On That Vote to Impeach, and Other Spurious Activities | Musings of a Mountain Man
by Jack Pera
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Some solid facts and different value systems applied to them:

1.    The Bushites’ decision to attack Iraq was supposedly a response to 9/11. In actuality it was a perfect excuse for other reasons, war profiteering by the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about being one of the major ones.

2.    Nobody from Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attack. Even today a majority of Americans either do not know this or choose to disbelieve it. Seventeen of the 19 airline hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Why was Iraq attacked rather than Saudi Arabia? Because Iraq is also an Arab country? To most warhawk Americans, that’s reason enough. In effect, the country of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The latest sick excuse George W. Bush gives for the Iraqi War is to “give ’em democracy.” Can you believe it? Unfortunately, many Americans do. As if the Iraqis want it or would even know what to do with it.

3.    Contrary to government propaganda, warhawk mentality, blind government allegiance and/or political party support, the U. S. has illegally, immorally and unjustly invaded, occupied and destroyed an innocent country.

4.    It’s been unequivocally proven that lies have been involved in the stated reasons the Bushites attacked Iraq. This goes very deep.

5.    To paraphrase George W. Bush: “You’re either for my war or against the U. S.” He demands we take a position on an illogical statement. The United States of America proper and the U. S. Government (“the State”) are two entirely different entities. Many of us choose morality over the immoral actions of our three-part government. In a recent Gallup Poll, only 14 percent of those polled gave Congress a positive approval rating. That ought to tell us something, but then we keep electing them and supporting our abysmal 2-party system, so what’s a critic to do?

6.    Because the Bushites have illegally and immorally invaded, occupied and destroyed an innocent country, the U. S. has created a larger terrorist problem than what it once hoped to solve. So how do we solve it now? Attack yet another (9/11) innocent Arab country? Continue to sacrifice American lives and spend insane amounts of money to create yet more terrorists by killing innocent people, uprooting their family life and destroying the country’s economic and quality of life infrastructures?

7.    Because it’s immoral to invade, attack, occupy and destroy an innocent country, is the Town of Telluride wrong to represent its constituents and take a stand for all those in America who know it’s morally wrong to invade, attack, occupy and destroy an innocent country? Just because they happen to be of Arab descent and practice the Islamic religion and for other nebulous reasons that shamefully a significant number of Americans have no idea about nor do they believe in, yet fully support?

8.    Because it can be proven in a just court of law that the Bushites have invaded and destroyed an innocent country, is the Telluride Town Council making a political or moral statement? Or merely acting on behalf of its constituents by calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney? I have a hunch the reasons may differ among various councilpersons that voted for the resolution.

Let’s Declare War on Canada!

“Canada Takes Steps to Guard Oil-Gas Area” (news headline, July 10, 2007).

This was done to thwart and discourage a feared U. S. confiscation.

What a great Idea. I’m thinking it’s about time to give “democracy” to the terrorists-in-waiting Canadians and bomb the crap out of their country. How about you? While we’re at it, in addition to their oil and gas, let’s take most of their lumber, coal, uranium – and all the fresh water we want, too. After all, we’d only be exercising our God-given, manifest-destiny empire-building rights!

And Yes to War on Taxes

I have great sympathy and support for the taxpayer rebellion initiated by the Telluride business community. There’s a limit to how much any entity can bleed before it dies. Taxation in Telluride (and in America) is out of control. Not all businesses are destined to succeed, of course, but there’s something drastically wrong when any business fails because of obscene taxes combined with insane rental costs – especially obscene taxes created by the imbecilic and unfortunate actions taken by a previous Town of Telluride government.

The acquisition of the five miles of boondoggle spur highway on both sides of the Town of Telluride from the Colorado Department of Highways was a mistake. To now punish the business community through the unfair proportion of taxes they may be forced to pay for this stupid action is unfair – and immoral – any way you cut it.

For two bits, and on principle alone, I’d join their rebellion – even though I don’t own a business in Telluride! We’re supposed to pay $25 million in repairs for a decent highway on a three-mile western portion of road that should belong to the State of Colorado, thanks to a previous administration that was always out to lunch, on top of paying  ALL of its plowing and policing costs forever?

Surely this is the greatest Town of Telluride mistake (and con job) ever.

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