PAID ELECTION LETTER | ‘Dan Has Been Devoted to His Fellow Citizens in Crafting Directions That Enhance Our World’  
by Paula Ciberay
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Having been married to Dan Chancellor for 34 years, and having raised two incredibly successful sons with him, I can insightfully speak to the qualities of the man who would best serve San Miguel County as a future Commissioner. Dan does whatever it takes to realize an aspiration, whether that be in his personal life, his profession, or his community. His dedication results in a work ethic that is beyond expectations. He is a current Democratic precinct captain and has twice been a delegate to the state convention.  You may already know about his current work on the Pinon Ridge Mill proposal and the wild horses. You may also be aware of his efforts in helping preserve the Valley Floor and the O.A. Greager Scout Camp.

What you may not be aware of is that throughout his life Dan has been devoted to his fellow citizens in crafting directions that enhance our world. When he was in Denver his effort to protect the people and the environment around the Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility resulted in measures that educated the public, canvassed politicians [and utilized] non-violent civil disobedience, and court actions. Although the plant has been closed for more than 20 years, a 1,300-acre portion of the site is still so saturated in plutonium that federal and state officials say it is not safe for human activity. Dan was central in the Colorado Committee to Save the Bears which resulted in a ballot initiative which changed inhumane hunting laws, removing the use of bait and dogs. He established the Sunflower Coalition, a citizen’s action group, who sued the NRC, the governor and the state health department to protect the health and safety of uranium workers, the surrounding communities and the local environment. The case had enough merit to be heard in the Supreme Court.

These experiences have resulted in exceptional wisdom. Dan has a rare ability to translate values into actions that transform our collective world into a place fit for upcoming generations. He is persistent and unwavering in his allegiance to forge a better future for San Miguel County. A Vote for Dan Chancellor is a Vote in support of San Miguel County.
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