One-of-a-Kind Collectibles and Artwork at Deer
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OH, DEER – Michelle Curry Wright (left) and Judy Haas have opened an intriguing consignment and gift shop on South Pine St. (Courtesy photo)
OH, DEER – Michelle Curry Wright (left) and Judy Haas have opened an intriguing consignment and gift shop on South Pine St. (Courtesy photo)

TELLURIDE – Just in time for the holidays, locals have another way to divest themselves of vintage clutter and unwanted treasures with Deer, the new home consignment and gift shop started by Judy Haas and Michelle Curry Wright. Visiting Deer, in Haas’s former studio front at 225 South Pine St., just north of Smugglers, is like visiting the well-loved home of an old friend who’s always had a great eye. 

 “We saw a gap in Telluride’s consignment market,” says Haas, of the shop’s range of collectibles from Versace china to her own trout paintings to Curry Wright’s paintings of birds and insects to fine-arts cards by both women. 

New collectibles including German silver “Navajo-like” napkin rings and boxes and beaded Indian quilts coexist peaceably alongside the vintage items. 

" Deer is a home consignment business – furniture, antiques, vintage western, silver, jewelry, collectibles, textiles,” says Haas. “We will be working collaboratively with the other consignment shops in town to make sure the right things go to the right places. We know there is more than enough to go around.”

Curry Wright’s elegant matchbook boxes are perfect stocking stuffers, as are Haas’s custom rocks. “We decided to combine a conventional gift shop approach to keep things interesting," says Curry Wright.  "It's a way for us to sell special things we've come across that we, personally, really like - candles, boxes, ornaments, adornments: whatever we think is unique, interesting and appealing to Telluride customers. This is an aspect of the store that we're looking forward to expanding. And we both like to make things, so we’ll get to indulge that passion. People are always looking for little one-of-a-kind things made locally.” 

Wright brings many years of experience in art and retail as well as a family history of auctions, collecting and love of old things. “We want to have fun with this,” says Curry Wright. “That’s our goal, even though our friends in retail tell us we’re crazy.”

Haas, born and raised in Aspen, brings many years of collecting to the new partnership, as well as extensive experience building spec cabins and furnishing them. “The fun really starts with other people, though,” she says, “When they start to look around their homes and storage units and bring their overlooked heirlooms and forgotten valuables in to Deer to sell. That starts the clock on a 90-day contract period. If we can't sell it during that time, people can either take their things back, donate them to us, or have us donate them to charity. What makes consignment work, and makes it fun, is that everyone stands to win.”

Why the name Deer? It’s both women’s favorite local denizen, and it symbolizes Colorado, as well – the mountains, beauty and grace, all elements they hope to combine in their store. And, says Curry Wright, "the graphic possibilities are endless!"

Deer is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11-5, with longer hours during the holidays, with free hot tea for all customers.

Deer is at 225 So Pine St., and can be contacted by email,

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