Numbers Down for Gunnison Sage Grouse in the San Miguel Basin
by Art Goodtimes
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CRASH POPULATION … The 2008 lek counts are in for the San Miguel Basin – the second largest flock of this prairie chicken in the world, and it appears that populations of this rare (although, according to the federal government, “not endangered”) bird are plummeting. Researchers have all kinds of caveats and excuses for the falling population numbers. But bottom line, the species in the San Miguel Basin is not rebounding from the conservation plan as currently structured … More has to be done, and soon, if we don’t want this unique critter to go the way of the dodo bird on our watch! … Call Leigh Robertson over in Ridgway, if you want to help, 626-2272.

ORGANIC … What’s really surprising about living in the Bay Area is how much resistance there is to radical ideas. I know, that came as a surprise to me too. While the majority of people in the San Francisco Bay Area are known nationwide as strongly liberal, there’s an equally vocal minority here who are very, very conservative. Unlike Telluride, where the liberal bias extends pretty overwhelmingly throughout the fabric of the town. And the media follows suit. Especially the regressive Hearst op-ed page in the gutted San Francisco Chronicle … Get a load of these answers to the Mountain View Voice’s “Voices Around Town” column question, “Do you buy organic food? Why or why not?” … Chris Barbin (Cupertino): “I sometimes do. I guess it’s for health reasons” … Eric Ching (Mountain View): “No, because it’s expensive. When I’m in Hong Kong I do. It’s cheaper in Hong Kong” … Oleg Famin (Mountain View): “No, it’s a big fake” [A guy named Famine says it’s a big fake? Herb Caen would have ate that one up] … David Haskel (San Francisco): “I live with my mom and she’s big on organic food. I don’t have a problem eating it, but it’s too expensive” … Jessica Lisi (Los Altos): “Nope. It doesn’t really bother me to eat regular food” … What a bunch of monkeys. And this is America’s liberal bastion? Pity us.

CHAVEZ … I know the U.S. government and media always tries to make him out the bad guy. This uncooperative supplier of a huge chunk of our supersized McOil barrels. But I like him … I like the way he speaks truth to power. And how he’s navigated his Bolivárian revolution through the shark-infested waters of the Americas, in the shadows of the most powerful country in the world.

NEGROPONTE … I don’t like this man. He is a war criminal and someday should be tried as one … As ambassador, he led the embassy in Honduras early on through Raygun’s Eighties. Trained the Contras to terrorize the Sandinista countryside – killing teachers, doctors, nurses, even women and children. Built a secret torture center at El Aguacante Air Force Base, where 20 years later they found the corpses of 185 people, including two Americans. Winked in Tegucigalpa when the CIA-trained Battalion 316 kidnapped, tortured, raped, and killed anyone leaning even vaguely left … To have allowed this man, guilty of such fragrant human rights violations, to be our representative in the United Nations is a scandal only unremarkable in a presidency of shameful incompetence and malice … Former Iraq ambassador, for two years Bush’s Director of National Intelligence (a new post 9/11 cabinet-level post), and currently Deputy Secretary of State, this is one of the men in black who make all the Empire’s really bad things really happen.

STOP IRAN WAR … I know, we’re all sick of harping on this next possible step in the World Order’s global Vorherrschaft, but we’re so close to change. I want to do everything in my little power to be sure we don’t open a third front in the Bush Oil Wars, and have to mobilize half the nation for a world war, because it seems like it could all too easily come to that. And as I always like to add, hope I’m wrong … If you want to sign this petition – like I have and thousands of other folks from Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit and historian Howard Zinn to former Greek first lady Margarita Papandreou and Vancouver librarian Aphrodite Harris – then go to <

KINDLE OR NOT … Here it comes. Amazon’s best selling ebook is making the first of many runs on paper. Get ready for text as ephemeral as thought. Electronic storage. Hooked to the grid. Eventually. Too much data to save every word … And as Grandfather David once warned us at the North Fork Gathering outside Hotchkiss in 1982, “What comes in now over the powerlines to serve us will one day turn on us and be our end.”

URANIUM DISTRUST … Some people don’t feel betrayed by the Feds when it comes to nuclear energy. The Navajo do. And with good reason. It was just 30 or so years ago that United Nuclear Corporation operated the Old Churchrock Mine in New Mexico (1977-82). Ground surveys conducted by the Churchrock Uranium Monitoring Project and the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency with the U.S. EPA in 2003 found gamma radiation levels up to 16 times higher than ambient normal for the area on both sides of the highway near the mine site and on nearby Navajo grazing lands … And it’s not just Native Americans. But lots of Uranium Belt miners, especially those who smoked tobacco, suffered badly, according to Grand Junction’s Saccomanno Research Institute … So, now, we’re being asked to trust this same industry to rip up the local earth for carnotite and not damage our air, our water, our health?

© 2008 Art Goodtimes


Doing the Aztec two-step

Men in black

slaughtering resources

on a rip-your-heart-out altar.

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Zach Snyder
July 20, 2008
I am surprised to find that Mr. Goodtimes is a fan of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. I am also curious if Commissioner Goodtimes supports Chávez policies to crack down on opposition media and freedom of the press in his nation. Additionally, does Commissioner Goodtimes “like” the two new intelligence agencies in Venezuela? These are agencies that give citizens two options: complete cooperation or prison time.