Montrose Man Arrested on Kidnapping Charges
by Beverly Corbell
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Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams
Held at Gunpoint, the Victim Feared for His Life

MONTROSE – Many unanswered questions surround the kidnapping of a Montrose man on July 7, who was grabbed from outside a local bar and held for several hours by a man with a gun who claimed to be a police officer.

The victim went outside the downtown bar to get in his truck, according to Montrose Police Cmdr. Gene Lillard, when the armed suspect allegedly grabbed him by the arm, showed him a badge and said he was a police officer.

“He took him to an undisclosed location in Montrose for several hours,” Lillard said. “The victim felt in fear of his life. He thought he was going to be killed.”

After talking with witnesses, Lillard said police arrested Andrew Williams, 26, of Montrose five days later, on July 12. Williams was released after posting bond of $60,000. When asked about the bond, Lillard said he was surprised it was that low, but that it fit within the statutes for Williams alleged offenses. Williams faces charges that include second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, felony menacing and impersonating a police officer, all felony charges.

The suspect wasn’t in a police uniform, Lillard said, and police don’t know his motive for abducting the victim. He said the victim was visibly shaken by the experience.

“It definitely rattled him,” he said.

Just how “rattled” the victim became during his ordeal is evident in Williams’ arrest affidavit. The affidavit states that the victim, a native of India, had been in Montrose for about nine months. It states that when the victim left the Suds ‘N Grub, Williams followed him and offered him a ride home. The victim said he had his own car, and at that point Williams allegedly grabbed the man’s wrist, hit him in the forehead and “brandished a gun and demanded that he get in the car with him.”

Fearing for his life, the victim got in the car and Williams, who then drove him around for a few minutes before taking him to a secluded area. Williams allegedly cursed at the man, made him get out of the car, and told him he was going to kill him.

According to the report, the victim “described while he was outside the car the man made him get on his knees like he was praying like a Muslim,” that that he was kicked several times, and that his assailant continued to scream and curse at him, while the victim was “crying and scared for his life.”

Then the victim felt the cold end of a gun pressed against his head while being told repeatedly that he was going to be killed. Williams, who is reported to have a muscular build, also allegedly grabbed the victim several times in a tight squeeze, making the victim “feel like he was crushing him,” according to the report.

The assault went on for two hours, according to the affidavit, during which the victim offered money, but Williams allegedly just kept repeating to the man that he was “going to kill him.”

At some point, the victim told Williams that he had his iPhone in his pocket and that his family was tracking his phone. Sometime later, the victim was allowed back into the car and was dropped off near the bar on East Main Street. As a parting shot, Williams allegedly told the man he would kill his children if he reported the incident.

Information on the case has been turned over to the Montrose District Attorney, Lillard said.

Williams is set to appear in Montrose County Court on Aug. 3 at 8:30 a.m.
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