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Thank You, Donors!


In these tough economic times, it would be understandable for those who have been so charitable in the past to rein in their generosity just bit. But that doesn't seem to be the Telluride way.

This past May, shortly before graduation, 22 very deserving THS seniors received a combined total of over $100,000 dollars in college scholarships – all of it from local individuals, businesses and foundations. Frankly, I'm floored. That so many in our small community – the very same folks who are cutting back elsewhere – could continue to dig deep and help make our young people's dreams a reality is a testament to what makes this such an incredible place to work, learn and live. The morning after Senior Awards Night, one of these seniors bounced up to my husband (her English teacher) and said, “You know, it was really cool to get into college…but now I can actually go!” For a college counselor, these are the sweetest moments of all.

Please check out the ad I’ve placed in this paper listing all of this year’s participants in our local scholarship program. And please try to make a point to seek out the donors, give them the kudos they deserve, and let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to a better future for our community, and for our world!


– Karen Lavender, THS College Counseling Cut Our Leaders Some Slack Editor’s Note: The following letter was written in response to a letter to the editor that ran in last week’s edition of The Telluride Watch praising Town Manager Frank Bell’s adherence to the town’s budget.


First, Mr. Bell has to balance the budget; he has no choice. While he has done a good job of laying out the town’s financial status, only the town council or the electorate can raise fees and taxes respectively. The Telluride electorate voted for the major bond issues that we have now and we have to honor or default on them.

The President was elected strongly and won the right to initiate his game plan with Congress. You’ll have your chance in three-and-a-half years to kick him out if you don’t like his policies. He is trying his best.

On simple math regarding Telluride real estate: Forty percent of all the listed properties have dropped their prices in the last 15 months, the most decline in prices that our market has ever seen. Buy low now and sell high when the market comes back. Frank Bell and the Telluride town council would like the additional transfer tax income. Call me. I can help you out with that.  

– George R. Harvey, Jr., Real Estate Broker Spring Cleanup a Success


On behalf of The New Community Coalition (TNCC), the Town of Telluride and San Miguel County – we thank all the volunteers who assisted with Spring Cleanup held May 14-16. Volunteers were a vital part of the successful electronics and household recycling and hazardous waste events.

A lot of interesting stuff was collected and removed from our county including two trailers of electronics, a dumpster of cardboard, numerous appliances, metal, glass, plastics and over four 30 yd dumpsters of trash! The Haz Mat volunteers at the high school wore some really great uniforms to keep themselves safe from the multiude of “weird” fluids, batteries and removed a lot of toxic stuff from our neighborhood – great job! What was the most fun was the great exhange of free items which were kept out of the landfill. We would like to recognize the following folks for their assistance.

Thank you, Spring Cleanup Crew whose capable hands loaded tons (literally) of electronics and household recycling! They include: Bo Hancock; Mackenzie Bronson; Gigi Spitzer; Nina Kothe; Walter Wright; Andy Helck; Mark Dollard; Peter Trent; Yvette Sylvia; Marie Stauter; Carla Stauder; Alfred Stauder; Jason White and Celestine; Glider Bob; Kathy Green; Kris Holstrom; Susan Rahman; Connor Cesario; Jack Schneeman-Kruty; Tessa Dickinson; Jayleen Troutwin.

And thank you, Haz Mat Crew – under the professional direction of Chris Smith! Bo Hancock; Colin Breuer; Bobbie Smith; Leo VanderBosch; Adam Geetter; Jason Marchand; Collin Breuer; Alex Doehrman; Danny West.

A big thanks goes to Lita Billotti, Karen G., Pat Dalpez and the rest of the public works crew at the Town of Telluride and Nina Kothe at San Miguel County for organizing Spring Cleanup and making the materials fit into dumpsters. A special thanks to Chris Smith for managing the Haz Mat so capabably. Apologies to anyone we may have overlooked and thanks again.  Sincerely,

–  Colleen Trout, Kris Holstrom, Walter Wright, TNCC Staff
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Karen Day
September 14, 2009
To the Editor:

_I am passing onto you information regarding the round up of new foals in the Pryor Mountains,Montana, last week. The photographer, carol Walker, asked me to pass it on.

No matter what the BLM regards necessary regarding wild horses, it is inconceivable that any human being could conduct a roundup that includes foals, only a few days old, that were forced by a helicopter to run ten miles to keep up with their mothers.

I am ashamed of our nation's elected officials that still, nothing is done to stop this inhumane treatment.

Thank you,

Karen Day




Dear Karen,

This is a new entry on the Cloud Foundation blog: http://bit.ly/LameFoal

I would appreciate it if you would pass this along - it is photos and video of two foals run down the mounatin during the Pryor Mountain roundup yesterday - this colt in Baja's herd is in so much pain that he shifts picking up one foot after another to try to find one that doesn't hurt, and he can barely walk to his mother. These foals are far too young to be driven over 10 miles down a rocky mountainside.

We are very concerned about a foal still on the mountain only 10 days old that the BLM refuses to promise to leave alone. They want to get all the bands down in roder to treat the mares with pzp.

The blog also offers an action plan with what people can do to help.


Carol Walker