Keeping Tabs on the Coming Uranium Boom in the Region | Around the Cone
by Art Goodtimes
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PIÑON RIDGE MILL … There’s an informational session that the George Glazier of Energy Fuels Resources Corporation has agreed to do at my request to explain to Norwood residents the group’s plans that’s developing the state’s first new uranium mill in several decades has agreed to do. I’m hoping that our local citizens will have a chance to understand the impacts and issues connected with the project slated for construction at the top of the Dry Creek wash southwest of Naturita. The event is scheduled for the BOCC regular meeting on May 28 at noon at the Community Center. I hope to be attending by phone, since I’m still in California caring for my dad. (I’d recommend you call John Huebner at 728.3844 and confirm the time and date.) … If I remember things right from the Naturita open house (which may not be the case – see below), they’re expecting something in the neighborhood of 80 jobs at the mill and maybe 200 more related jobs in uranium mines in the region. Both those numbers could have a big effect on Norwood’s housing market and economy, as well as the quality of life in the region.

WATER … It appears I heard things wrong at the Naturita Open House for the Piñon Ridge Mill project. I’ve been corrected by state regulators. The proposed mill will use more like 300 gallons of water a minute, not 300,000 gallons, as I said in an earlier column. A big difference … Nevertheless, I still think finding enough water suitable for industrial use will be one of the significant obstacles with the Coke Ovens site in Paradox.

ENERGY FUELS RESOURCES … That’s the name of the wholly owned American subsidiary of Energy Fuels, Inc., an Ontario Corporation trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX – “EFR”). According to its website, “The principal business activity of the company is mineral exploration, development, and mining of uranium and vanadium property interests located in the States of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona through its wholly-owned US subsidiary, Energy Fuels Resources Corp. To date, the Company has acquired property interests covering six former operating uranium mines. Given the rise in the price of uranium over the past eighteen months, the Company has been taking steps, since Sept. 30, 2006, to bring former mines into production. The Company also continues to pursue opportunities to acquire additional property interests and to seek out other opportunities that create strategic value for the Company and its shareholders. Our land position, controlling in excess of 40,000 acres of BLM mineral claims and fee leases in highly prospective uranium provinces, and our ability to develop production from several historically producing uranium mines, puts Energy Fuels in a strong position to accomplish the mission set by our management team. With our established team of experienced uranium professionals, our mission is to build a fully integrated uranium and vanadium production company through exploration, development, mining, milling and, sales, targeting primarily uranium properties which are immediately economic, on the Colorado plateau and the western United States.”

GEORGE GLASIER … A lawyer by training, George E.L. Glasier, J.D. is a board member of Energy Fuels, Inc. and President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Fuels Resources. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Energy Fuels Corporation, a private U.S. corporation, which, through its subsidiary Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc. (“EFN”), produced five million pounds of U308 annually and was the largest uranium producer in the U.S.. Glasier traveled extensively with Robert W. Adams, the founder of Western Nuclear and Energy Fuels, to secure uranium contracts with roughly 60 international partners. He directed the licensing and construction of the White Mesa Mill at Blanding, Utah, now owned by Denison Mines Corp. The mill is the only operating licensed mill on the Colorado Plateau and one of only two mills operating in the U.S. currently. Former colleagues and senior executives from Energy Fuels Corp. are dispersed throughout the uranium industry in senior positions including Gerald W. Grandey, who is CEO of Cameco Corp., and Harold R. Roberts, who is Vice President of Corporate Development at Denison.

U308 … So, you’re asking, what is U308? Literally, it’s Uranium 3 and Oxygen 8 … The On-Line Dictionary calls it “an impure mixture of uranium oxides obtained during the processing of uranium ore”. Yellowcake is listed as a synonym of U308 and defined exactly the same way … How many remember the Yellowcake Café in Naturita?

JOHN WALTON … It was sad to learn that my friend John Walton, who owned property up Roc Creek, lower down the river, off of the Dolores River Canyon, has passed away. His spirit left us on Friday, May 9, in Grand Junction. Sick for some time, he was with his ex-wife at the last … Together, they ran the Lone Cone Restaurant and Bar for a while, before Chef bought it. And their kids – Katie and Bessie – attended a private school along with my boy Rio that several of us parents had set up in Ridgway … Many the time John held sweats at his Roc Creek hideaway, and often they were under the able guidance of Robert Sullivan (who himself has just lost his partner Elaine over in Paonia, where he’s now living) … John was a skilled writer, and he had a native Colorado kind of feel about him. For several years he sent items to this column that I published – vignettes that had a foot in both the Old West and the New West … Thank you, John, for all you gave us.

(© 2008 Art Goodtimes)


Old Paradigm

In Sixties San Fran Stewart Brand

taught us born again hippies

New Games -- competitive, but more

about the process than the score.

“Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt” ran

the rubrics to our rough & tumble rituals

where we learned there’s more to pain

than welts & bruises, scuffles & falls.

Feelings too get hurt like in musical chairs

with its many losers & only one champ.

No sin in winning but what is learned

inflicting loss on friend & foe?

Instead of winner take all

let’s play everyone wins.

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