Help Joe the Dog Make It Through July 4 Celebrations
by Jennie Franks

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I love the firework display on the Fourth of July.  However, these days it seems that most nights from 11p.m. to 4 in the morning, intermittently, fireworks are exploded somewhere in town.  My dog Joe is terrified of the explosions and goes into a major panic attack. It usually takes him an hour or so to calm down, just in time for the next explosion. It has become a nightly terror for us all, to see our dog so distressed.
Last Thursday something even worse happened.   The first night of Bluegrass someone set off fireworks in town and when I took Joe out for his nightly walk – and he ran. He was so terrified he took off. I drove around all night, asking practically every single Bluegrass person if they had seen my dog. Nobody had, because Joe had run up Tomboy Road all the way up to the old Smuggler Mine, just below the old town of Tomboy. He ran and ran and ran for hours, trying to get away from the noise of the explosions. There was an old prospector there who took Joe in and luckily I got him back. However, next time I may not be so lucky. Joe is 9 years old and is very much loved.
I can only assume the people setting off nightly fireworks in town are unaware of the harm they are causing to animals, and also the disruption of sleep they are causing to many members of the community. Being in a box canyon it is impossible to escape the loud explosions sometimes as many as five spread out throughout the night.
I know it is illegal to set off fireworks, and in such a place as we live, it is a very anti- social community activity. For a few seconds of pleasure it is causing heartache and sleep disturbances all over town. I cannot be alone in hoping that this activity ceases. I encourage everyone who is disturbed by these illegal fireworks to make their voices heard, please don't let me be the only one.  Please speak up, write more letters, talk to your friends, see if they know who's doing it and ask them to stop. Also it would help if everyone who is disturbed by it could place a call to Dispatch at 970/252-4018 at any time of the night to help the Marshals track down the perpetrators.  There is a $1,000 fine for setting off fireworks, this is not a harmless activity.
Of course, most of all, I'm hoping that the people who are doing this, will read this letter and find compassion in their hearts to stop setting off their random fireworks – for Joe's sake.
Thank you,

– Jennie Franks

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