Goodtimes Supports Question 200, With Qualifications Up Bear Creek
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As I'm away on vacation until the day before the election, I wanted to publicly clarify a few things regarding Question 200, the Town of Telluride policy issue regarding prosecution of Cannibis spp. offenses.

First, I support Question 200 – as I would any attempt to decriminalize the personal use of Cannibis spp., or any other entheogenic plant or fungal ally, by responsible adults in the privacy of their own homes. Libertarian Bob Dempsey got it right – the Drug War has been a failure. And continues to be a failure. I support local governments doing everything they can to end this huge bureaucratic waste of time, money and the productive lives of many of our wrongly jailed citizens. And I think local citizen Sarina Pepper did a great job in making the argument for Question 200 in her commentary.

Second, while some may question the particular tactic taken in this initiative – revising certain municipal police enforcement priorities – it is a legitimate strategy. The Town Council has authority to direct its police officers on what laws (of the thousands on the books) are of the highest priority for enforcement. In county government, the sheriff is an elected official and makes his/her own policies. But in municipal government, particularly home rule municipalities, police policies are ultimately the province of Town Council, and the people through the power of initiative. What Green wouldn't support putting power in the hands of the people?

That said, I want to clarify that I'm not a member of the Telluride Crime Action Committee. I told Sensible Colorado that I would support Question 200, but I have had no association with or knowledge of this committee – nor do I necessarily buy into their argument on crime statistics. I think the Telluride Marshal's Department has been doing a fine job on all types of crime. Still I would have no problem seeing police policies codified that would make Cannibis spp. prosecution the lowest priority in the department.

Finally, I gave Sensible Colorado permission to use my photo. Unfortunately they used the photo of my entire family for their campaign. My political views are not necessarily the views of Mary Friedberg, Sara Friedberg or Gregorio Rainbow Oshá – and I apologize to my family for their photos being used mistakenly, without their permission, or mine.

DANGERS … It was interesting to see all the "Tsunami Warning" and "Tsunami Evacuation Route" signs in Washington and Oregon along the coast, and then the "Earthquake Watch" column in a Northern California newspaper (there'd been 72 recorded in that week alone) … Plus, in Santa Cruz the local alternative weekly, The Good Times (no relation), had a whole issue devoted to disaster preparedness. Makes one realize how lucky we are to live in the Rockies along the Turtle's spine.
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