County Overstepping Personal Property Rights
by Lyn Saladino
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Is San Miguel County a communist state now? After following several cases coming from Telluride and the county, and reading section 2-29 of the LUC, I am firmly convinced that SMC is heading for a Russian land grab as outlined in Dr. Zhivago.

How can you ask people who bought multi-million dollar homes to give the use of them to the county for affordable housing? I can see Oprah, Tom Cruise or Jerry Seinfeld welcoming Joe Sixpack into their guest homes, on their property, where the county can parade around like a peacock saying they are "taking care of" affordable housing. Taking from people who have worked hard all their life, to give to those who work in the Telluride area and cannot afford to live here.

A Robin Hood mentality will not make Telluride any cheaper to live here, and will cause those who have money, to go elsewhere. I am sure Art Goodtimes would love that, but who would then pay outrageous property taxes, create jobs in the service sector and lure visitors to the Telluride area?

Resort areas are a give and take, and after living in several areas before Telluride, I knew I had to live in bedroom communities before completing my graduate degrees, and loved every minute of it. Goodtimes seems to think that people who live in Norwood WANT to live in Telluride or the Village with all the rules and regs, instead of a quiet little place where they are comfortable.

Not everyone can afford to live in Telluride, Aspen or Jackson Hole. That is why this is a democracy, and I'll be damned if I am going to buy a multi-million dollar home and turn all or part of it over to the county where I am forced to share my equity and property with people I do not even know. I buy my property for me, not the Reds of Communist Russia, or Nazi Germany!

I applaud the county for wanting to solve the housing crisis. Hey, why don't they buy my house then rent it out to whomever they want? They have seen fit to have no budget for buying affordable housing as does Telluride, so how can they complain there is no affordable housing in the county around the Telluride Ski Area?

– Lyn Saladino

Friends of the Library Quilt Thanks


In 2007, the Friends of the Wilkinson Public Library began presenting an annual Telluride Quilt as a fundraiser. The annual quilts depict our multifaceted heritage – including black bears, mining, Telluride schools, and the duck race. The last two quilts have been crazy quilts, in the Victorian style, using silks, velvets, lace, pearls, and embroidery. We have begun work on a more traditional quilt for 2009 and are planning to show it in the Library in July 2009.

The Friends would like to thank everyone who bought 2008 raffle tickets supporting Library projects and would like to congratulation the 2008 lucky raffle ticket holder, Jana Stone.

The Friends would like to thank the quilters: Sharon Albin and Judy Kennedy (Team Leaders), Deree Brand, Connie Colter, Jenny Sullivan, Sharon Weiland, Nina Kothe, Linda Levin and Nancy Barrington for their creativity, time and skill.  


– Mj Schillaci, President 
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Bill Johns
January 23, 2009
I am concerned that the County has no budget for affordable housing. Is this true? I thought the primary focus after the election was to buy affordable housing in the ski area?