Constructive Comments
by Michael Ebert
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In his Friday, March 14 letter ("Here, Change and Conflict are the Only Constants") Dirk de Pagter courageously challenged the "vocal group of naysayers," the "no-growth community" to find ways other than "ridiculing," "discrediting" or "name-calling" in their fanatic efforts to preserve their vision of Telluride's historic integrity.

I well understand his frustrations. I experienced many encounters with angry opponents of the Palm Theatre flytower, their anger fueled to the point of a threatened lawsuit and accusations that this "monstrosity" would destroy "the entrance portal to town." Their criticisms of those of us who believed our region would gain enormously from a performing arts facility were frequently harsh and often intimidating.

The district had enough courage to withstand their relentless pressure and, fortunately being independent of town regulations, built the Tower anyway. Once it was a reality and greatly enhanced the technical versatility of the Palm, many of its most vocal critics admitted that it had minimum visual impact and in no way compromised our "entrance portal to town."

The Telluride community prides itself on liberal, freedom-loving lifestyles. It would be a welcome change if critics of the Lift 7 planning area and proposed location for a new medical center chose constructive, cooperative approaches rather than resorting to accusations, intimidation, and the tactics so well articulated by Dirk de Pagter.

– Michael Ebert
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