Attn., Scott Tipton: We Need the BLM
by Rodney Fitzhugh, Ridgway
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Our very own Congress Critter, Representative Scott Tipton, says on his website that he has voted to shutter the federal government because his constituents don't want Obamacare. I don't know what your readers and the rest of his constituents think about Obamacare, but shutting down the USA has not shut the doors at Obamacare. It rolls on. President Obama and his allies in Congress have designed and funded the ACA to survive the so-called shut down. I can't imagine how Tipton could have been unaware of that fact, so I can only assume his refusal to support a vote by the entire House of Representatives on a clean CR represents either an act of supreme stupidity, or a highly partisan political statement, or both.

Meanwhile, Tipton's constituents in Ridgway and the rest of Ouray County pay the price for his idiotic, losing political bluff. While Obamacare lives on, the Uncompahgre Field Office of the BLM is locked up tight.  BLM has been a key partner with Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association and Ridgway Area Trails Group in the planning, approval and initial construction of a new single-track, multi-use trail system located barely one mile from the Ridgway Town limits. Volunteer effort and money raised by RAT/COPMOBA, augmented by BLM staff, created almost 2 miles of great new single-track this past summer.  We have the Southwest Youth Corps and BLM on board for a full week's worth of construction beginning on October 14th.  We have begun work on a GOCO grant application for the money needed to fund more paid help for next summer's push to complete about 14 more miles of brand new trail. That application is due on October 31, 2012.  

We fully expect Youth Corps and volunteer effort to build another 2-plus miles of trail later this month. We also expect to receive funding from GOCO, because GOCO helped fund the planning and approval process for this project.  We are rolling on a major project that will bring significant economic, cultural and social benefits to Ouray County and the surrounding area. 

There is one catch.  We need BLM.  Not next year or next month, but now.  BLM manages the land in question.  Youth Corps cannot proceed without BLM presence.  GOCO will not fund without BLM approval.  BLM is not available, because Tipton and the other idiots who said they would stop Obamacare, left Obamacare unaffected and instead have shut down a grassroots, bottom-up economic development project based entirely on volunteer initiative and labor.    

Please help COPMOBA/RAT and Ridgway get back to work on a great project.  Visit Tipton's website and tell him that, unless he ends this pointless shutdown by passing a clean CR in the U.S. House of Representatives, come November 2014, his constituents will shut him down. On your computer internet browser, go to: Or send a fax to: (202)226-9669.



– Rodney Fitzhugh, Ridgway

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