Another Reason to End Iraq Occupation
by Skip Edwards
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Rob Schultheis’s commentary “What's Going On?” in the Friday, March 7 Watch should anger us all. In fact it is but another reason to end the Iraq Occupation and rein in the Bush Administration and Congress.

A quote from Rob's commentary, “For my money, sabotaging our soldiers during wartime to glom a few more frogskins is treason, pure and simple. But don't tell George Bush and Co. that – they've been busy passing legislation guaranteeing that no matter how many crimes their contractor buds commit, how much taxpayers' money they steal, they can't be prosecuted for it” is what led me to write this letter.

For those of you who care to read more about how Americans’ tax money is being stolen go to the following link from the Boston Globe newspaper, “Top Iraq Contractor Skirts US Taxes Offshore”:

The lead-in paragraph of the Globe article should perk your curiosity: "CAYMAN ISLANDS – Kellogg Brown and Root, the nation's top Iraq war contractor and until last year a subsidiary of Halliburton Corp., has avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Medicare and Social Security taxes by hiring workers through shell companies based in this tropical tax haven. More than 21,000 people working for KBR in Iraq – including about 10,500 Americans – are listed as employees of two companies that exist in a computer file on the fourth floor of a building on a palm-studded boulevard here in the Caribbean. Neither company has an office or phone number in the Cayman Islands.”

Avoiding the payment of income taxes by corporations using offshore tax havens, $30 to $60 billion annually by congressional estimates, is a long going issue. It is also an issue to which Congress gives lip service but seemingly does nothing about.

Kellogg, Brown and Root is a corporation which has over $16 billion in U.S. contracts and is avoiding paying Social Security and Medicare Taxes thereby cheating the U.S. treasury along with the employees it hires of future benefits! Other companies, such as those described in Schultheis’s article, are directly defrauding taxpayers and indirectly killing and maiming our soldiers. All this is going on with the knowledge of our government. It is long past time to end the Iraq Occupation, rein in the Bush Administration and make members of Congress accountable, Democrats and Republicans.

– Skip Edwards

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