An Investment in Failure
by TheViewfromReality
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Hey buddy, got a dime? The question brings back memories of the Great Depression as solid American citizens struggled to feed themselves and their families. During the current Great Recession, it is not a dime, but thousands of dollars that are being begged for and it is not the out of work laborer asking for the cash but corrupt politicians looking to get elected.

Yep, it is that time again.  The days when both Dems and Repubs go from town to town like carpet baggers asking for political contributions while making promises that only the hard line party faithful take seriously. Of course your contribution is dwarfed by the cash funneled by labor unions and big business into the coffers of the "whores of democracy", yet these traveling snake oil salesmen still make the long trip to Telluride to tell us all how they will make our lives better if you can just throw a few greenbacks their way. 

Bush and his bunch were great at it and we are now in two wars with no end in sight. Obama and his cronies promised hope and change if  everyone would just send a little cash so they could buy commercials slinging mud at anyone who disagreed with them; and in the state of Colorado both parties donations in 2008 brought us cuts in services and higher fees and taxes and a Governor who is too embarassed to run again.

Now in 2010 the same bunch are coming around again, blaming the other party for everything from the recession to the Christmas Day bomber. "Give me cash and I PROMISE I will make things better".  Fool me once........

To the carpet baggers credit, they are getting creative.  Dems pull out the Clinton sax trick by performing (badly) in local bars to show how totally hip they are while Repubs scurry around trying to figure out where  the other six party faithful are in San Miguel County so they can throw a fundraiser as well.  In the meantime, our neighbors and friends struggle to feed their families, locate affordable child care, and pay exorbitant amounts in health care and insurance. 

How many times do you need to get scammed before you realize your $500.00 is probably paying to hide some politicians mistress or pay for a trip to Hawaii, Norway or some other place you can't afford to go to?

There are very few investments as bad as investing in a politician. You get nothing in return but hollow promises, higher taxes, and the childish partisan bickering that has stalled any chance of real change for the past 10 years.  When you hand over your hard earned cash to these totally useless partisans you are part of the problem, not the solution. 

So I recommend doing this before donating.  Ask your local party leaders how many jobs they have personally created in San Miguel County.  By my count, both parties are chock full of leeches who simply drain resources, run from responsibility and have not done a damn thing to better the lives of their neighbors - except make promises they never intend to keep.  Donating cash to these partisans is akin to investing in another Madoff scheme. There are better ways to spend your money.

1) Help out one of BIT's out of work employees.

2) Assist a Veteran

3) Surprise a working Mom and pay a months child care anonymously.

4) Donate to the AIDS Benefit

5) Donate to KOTO.

6) Help restock the local food bank.

7) Give the money to the town to offset the budget cuts.

8) Donate to our local heroes at the Fire Department.

9) Help out Haiti.

10) Buy supplies to make signs to counter the Westboro bunch.

All of these will do more for your soul and help in definitive ways those that need it most. Investing in a politician will get you into fancy parties and maybe get you a paid job slinging mud at the opposition in your candidates office - but probably not.

If none of these sound better than donating to liars, thieves and carpet baggers, then please send me the cash.  I can make promises that I cannot keep just as well as any of those currently running for office.




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