Fast & Furioso This Off-season
by Art Goodtimes
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CAN’T KEEP PACE … It seems like my Norwood world only spins faster in the spring and fall, when nearly all of Telluride slips into a malaise of mud, glazed sun and new buds … Got invited to a regional BLM three-day recreational planning training up in Winter Park. Too far to drive in an afternoon, I had to rush off to Glenwood after our Norwood board meeting last week (where we finally adopted new land use codes regs to track the extensive Wright’s Mesa Master Plan revision process we went through the last couple years) … Read a press release later that same week that San Miguel Power was building a commercial solar farm somewhere southeast of Norwood – a surprise proposal that the Nucla-based power co-op never shared with the County or with West End citizens during the whole Wright’s Mesa Planning process … Stayed outside Glenwood with my muralist friend, Lightning Heart, and his partner, Teresa. An amazing couple, we sparked for hours, shared stories and I got a tour of a delightful agglutinative cabin-become-art studio-and-rustic-mountain-showcase they call home. In the morning, the snow was four inches deep on the deck … Driving over Vail Pass last Thursday was awful, as it always is in a snowstorm. Trucks pulled over to put on chains. Cars crawling along, others zooming past. The road slick with slush, ready to ambush the unwary … Spent a great afternoon brainstorming with BLM recreation staffer and planners, and fellow commissioners, how federal folks might better collaborate with local officials. My “table of trust” concept and Gateway Communities experience at NACo seemed a hit with agency people … Driving back to Norwood on Friday was once more treacherous – in and out of snow and sun with occasional hail like cold homeopathic pellets, with an attitude … And then it was up to Telluride that same day to pick up Gorio and a snowy ride down to Durango to catch oldest son Rio Coyotl’s best friend, Mesa Oftebro Hollinbeck (of Norwood), graduate (magna cum laude) in engineering from Ft. Lewis College. All the academic pomp and tassels, speeches and a Native American choir of drummers and singers – they never fail to impress, social rituals that they are, college graduation ceremonies … Seems like the world has changed, though – the adults had champagne and the kids tea and sparkling water. Maybe it was the stress of leaving the next day for Laos – Rio, Mesa and Mesa’s younger brother Skyler are all enrolled with Ft. Lewis’ chapter of Engineers Without Borders and off this month to help several highland villages with improved sanitation systems … And I didn’t even get to tell you about the fabulous Stupid Band and the grand evening we had at Montrose’s delightful dancehall, the Turn of the Century Saloon <www.turnofthecenturysaloon.com>

CHRISTIE’S RENEWABLE DEAL … As Ray Wheeler of the Earth Restoration Network explains, they are publishing Lance Christie’s Renewable Deal for the United States of America on a highly interactive web platform with state of the art blogging and web authoring tools, where like-minded environmental activists and restoration aficionados all over the world can participate in the Great Work of the 21st century – local and global environmental restoration <www.earthrestoration.net> … Says Wheeler, “Environmental restoration – not to mention the massive technological and economic sea-change necessary to accomplish meaningful restoration at any scale – is far too big a job for any one person, book or plan, no matter how ambitious and brilliant. We need many minds, working both individually and collaboratively, to repair the damage that so many minds and hands have done. The great task may take centuries. Any planning initiative is only as good as its ability to rapidly evolve as new information comes pouring in from every direction. Our aspiration is to build a platform so intuitive and flexible that it will inspire thousands of people to take action, challenge authority, question conventional wisdom and build consensus through skillful reasoning and persuasion -- to lead not by manipulation or deception but by example.”

PERFECT STORM … Well, not exactly. I don’t believe in “perfect.” But several elements are indeed coming together to torpedo all the efforts to insulate county government from capitalism’s periodic “corrections” in the market. Certainly, having over a six month operating reserve – many times the required statutory minimum – enabled us tighten our belts with the reduced revenue from the downturn … What is a downturn, anyway? Ambrose Bierce might say it’s a kind of extended Bush-era Repub hangover after a Dem bailout binge without the manic-depressive Wall St. suicide dramas of the Twenties … Well, the downturn along with some federal payment mess-ups on the part of the state, and the looming concern over Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61 have got county governments all over the state in a tizzy. Stay tuned … If this unfortunate storm hits, we’ll see a slight reduction in local taxes and a HUGE reduction in local services. And jobs.

CALEB CAIN MARCUS … Son of local photog & mountain spirit Carl Marcus and his ex & former Tellurider Karen Cain, Caleb has come out with a dazzling book of photographs exquisitely produced by Italian art house Damiani and sporting a zen-like foreword by the brilliant photographer and filmmaker icon Robert Frank (whose 1959 cult movie Pull My Daisy featured Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso) … In the vein of Frank, who over his long career has won accolades for a style that eschewed the slick and the polished for the moody and the mysterious, Marcus roamed the wee hour streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx to capture the eerie nightscapes of bare light and the long blank shadows of built shapes … The Silent Aftermath of Space. Quite an achievement for one of our local boys. Highly recommended

THE TALKING GOURD Surreal In ’52 when the Life reporter
came for an interview
he found the famed Duchamp
camped in one bare room,
no kitchen & a bath to share.

Had wild Dada died?
Where were the nudes descending
in fractal cubes & lumps?
Where the bachelors with their stares?
In one’s sixties, simplicity trumps.

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