Do Your Civic Duty and Vote
by Art Goodtimes
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ELECTION ADVICE … I know I have many faithful readers who say to me, “I don’t always agree with your views, but I do enjoy your columns.” If that’s your space and my brand of radical middle, Green Rainbow, paleohippie politics isn’t copasetic, you may want to skip over this ballot box short-form … If, on the other hand, you do align your bosons with my idiosyncratic congruence of the Bose-Einstein condensate in Cloud Acre’s zero point field, then listen up … Hick for Gov. Absolutely … Bennet for Senator. Of course … Salazar for President (oh no, excuse me, that’s his brother) – John Salazar for U. S. Congress. We like a farmer/environmentalist in D.C. … Locally, a vote for James “Wes” Perrin in the 58th, but being such a conservative district it’s hard not to think Don Coram will end up representing us in the Capitol … Bruce Whitehead is my pick for the State Senate. He’s been to Norwood and Telluride more times in the last few months than all the last three State Senators from the Sixth Senatorial District combined … Bernie Buescher for Secretary of State, Cary Kennedy for State Treasurer, Stan Garnett for Attorney General, and Melissa Hart for C-U Regent … Joan May should be elected by acclamation. What an impressive first term … It’s sad to lose Peggy Nerlin as County Clerk. She has done a superlative job bringing that office into the new millennium. I supported Kathleen Erie in the primary and she’d make a fine county clerk. But so would Harley Brooke-Hitchings, a personal friend of many years. So I’m going to let you make your own choice here, because there’s no bad … Emile Sante would make a fine coroner, but he should wait until after Bob Dempsey retires. Bob’s done a consistent and professional job as the county’s death investigator for more years than most can remember … Same for Dave Royer and David Foley. Foley’s done the job well for many years. Why change horses? … And the same goes for Sheriff, Treasurer, Assessor – which is why no one’s challenging our excellent incumbents, Masters, Stout and Kanter … I haven’t heard anything bad about our state and district judges, but you may want to research that for yourself. I like having an independent judiciary that isn’t swayed by public whims, so unless I know for certain that a judge has o’erstepped the bounds of judiciousness, I usually vote incumbents back in … For County Judge, Sharon Shuteran, hands down. I had the occasion, once again, to sit in her courtroom not long ago and watch as she skillfully, patiently and thoroughly explained things to those in court for the first time. Firm, knowledgeable and compassionate. We’re lucky to have her … Okay, those are all my fav names on this year’s ballot. Now let’s check on amendments and propositions. And we have some doozies …. Please, please vote NO on Amendments 60, 61, and 62. And Proposition 101. In fact, some people are voting no on everything, just to be sure and catch those four in their net. And that’s a strategy. Amendment 63 is a dog. Proposition 102 isn’t needed. Amendment Q might be a yes. Maybe Amendments P & R … But your safest bet – No on the bunch.

WEEKLY QUOTA … “I don't believe anything, but I have many suspicions. I strongly suspect that a world ‘external to,’ or at least independent of, my senses exists in some sense. I also suspect that this world shows signs of intelligent design, and I suspect that such intelligence acts via feedback from all parts to all parts and without centralized sovereignty, like Internet; and that it does not function hierarchically, in the style an Oriental despotism, an American corporation or Christian theology. I somewhat suspect that Theism and Atheism both fail to account for such decentralized intelligence, rich in circular-causal feedback. I more-than-half suspect that all ‘good’ writing, or all prose and poetry that one wants to read more than once, proceeds from a kind of ‘alteration in consciousness,’ i.e., a kind of controlled schizophrenia. [Don't become alarmed -- I think good acting comes from the same place.] I sometimes suspect that what Blake called Poetic Imagination expresses this exact thought in the language of his age, and that visits by ‘angels’ and ‘gods’ states it an even more archaic argot. These suspicions have grown over 72 years, but as a rather slow and stupid fellow I do not have the chutzpah to proclaim any of them as certitudes. Give me another 72 years and maybe I'll arrive at firmer conclusions.” – Robert Anton Wilson


Bad Habit
Rolling around
in the Bose-Einstein

been nervous, lately

when nerves snap
i bite people

not just my kind
but sleeping dogs

roadkill lettuce

the weight of
so many congruent bosons

rolling around this globe
on my back

i can’t control
my bawdy jaws

can’t stop willing
& killing

except maybe
for that artful dodger

in Woodland Park

heard the thump
never found the body

puzzles tease
mysteries please

but too much
breeds disease

begin barking
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