Bringing the War Home
by Art Goodtimes
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PEACE WALK … It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for almost a decade, a monthly walk for peace down Telluride’s main street, starting at the County Courthouse. But we have. On the 11th of almost every month (we may have missed a couple) for going on ten years a group (sometimes large and most often small) have gathered in free assembly, as guaranteed by our national Constitution, demonstrating our call for an end to foreign wars and in remembrance of all the war dead and damaged … If you missed giving visible witness with us this past Tuesday, come join us on Friday, Feb. 11, at noon at the Courthouse steps.

WEEKLY QUOTA … “A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.” – Alexander Solzhenisten.

POLITICAL VIOLENCE … With partisan rhetoric heating up under the rowdy Tea Party movement and now a shooting of a recently re-elected Arizona Dem leader and the killing of some of her entourage – including a federal judge and a 9-year-old child - the recent discovery of skull & crossbones posters nailed up in the Blanding area warning members of the environmental group Great Old Broads to stay out of San Juan County, Utah, are not being taken lightly … The attempted assassination of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of citizens attending her rally has shocked the nation. But when she appeared in a Sarah Palin campaign ad in the crosshairs, could the message have been any clearer? As comedian Frank Conniff tweeted: “Hey, Sarah Palin, hows that hatey, killy, reloady, crosshairsy thing working out for ya?” … The war is coming home.

ENERGY PIG … Okay, TNCC has done the math. If we want to point fingers, it’s the large McMansions in the mountain village that carry the largest loads – buildings that use obscene amounts of local energy for second-homers who only spend a few weeks here, if at all … But that knowledge shouldn’t deter the rest of us from paying attention to the energy we’re using. I’ve been trying to. And it’s disappointing … As I explained a few weeks ago, I heat three buildings on my property, and that means a hefty winter power bill. Last October I was burning up 38 kilowatt hours a day. This October I got it down to 24 kWh per day. So, by being frugal with the use of the electric heater in the house and by having fires whenever I was home, I was hoping to make November a significantly lowered payout. Wrong! … Last November I averaged 66 kWh per day. All my hard work and this November I averaged 61 kWh per day. Hardly a satisfactory reduction … Clearly, getting control of my porcine energy habits is going to take a lot more hard work.

SHROOMFEST31 … The Telluride Institute is proud to announce that mycohistorian David Rose, who has a regular column in Fungi magazine, will be one of our guest faculty for this year’s 31st Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival, Aug. 18-21 … Shroomfest will be moving this summer’s main presentations to the Palm Theatre in the west end of town, but will keep its central venues in Elks Park and at the Wilkinson Library for related events … Rose’s main talk will be titled: Let Us Now Praise Famous Psychonauts – a history of mental travelers from Quincey to McKenna. He may also lead a smaller discussion group at Wilkinson Library during the weekend.

THE WORD LOVE … Once a year my poet buddy Kirk Lumpkin of the Bay Area sends around a holiday broadside that he’s made. It’s a poem married with some imagery and colored paper that welcomes the new year for me. Here’s his broadside for 2011 … “Starting with L that lifts the tongue to roof of the mouth. Then the whole circle of O open wide for all to enter. Then V the sign of the victory that is peace. And at the end the E of envy and enemy is silent.”

ROOSTER CROW… Nutrition is one of the scientific studies that continually unveils new surprises. Remember how for years we’ve been warned to stay away from eggs, especially the yolks – those harbingers of high cholesterol levels? Wrong … Mike Logghe of Española sends word that research supporting the health bennies of eggs is piling up. And several studies have come out to that effect, including a recent one in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found no link in healthy people between eggs and either heart attack or stroke … Hurray, the bad egg myth debunked … Now if I only could hold the bacon.


Solstice Eclipsed

Gorio & I under a blanket
On his own brought out pillows
Chattering on the trampoline
Sun & star Best buds

Awaiting the intermittent
elucidation of the floating
world & saw the eclipse
swallow the moon

Gypsy clouds slyly
hiding & then unshelling
a rare celestial
dark attack

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January 17, 2011
Mr Telluride Free Press

I stand silenced by your remarkable analysis.

Yes, we are all to blame and we need to all pull it together.

Whoah! for you and those like you, Mr. Telluride Free Press.

Yes, Facts are stubborn things; President Obama talked in 2008 of bring(ing) "we will bring a gun to a knife fight" (in response to Republican criticism of his position on health care). Art, is this acceptable rhetoric or did you simply overt your ears to President Obama's speech?

I think political assassination is pretty evenly shared; Reagan attempt, Ford attempt, Two Kennedy's, MLK, etc.

Art and Thom and all of us that are of good will; we need to quit scapegoating and get down to the science of getting along; walking down main street holding a flag makes you feel good but gets nothing concrete done.

Thank you Mr. Telluride Free Press

January 17, 2011

Now, Art, for a guy who is an alleged wordsmith, making words rhyme under the clouds of shrooms...

Palin is not a Tea Partier. She was the Republican nominee for Vice President. Where was your outrage when liberals funded a movie about the assassination of Bush the 2nd? Secondly, the shooter is allegedly some type of apolitical nut case who needed mental health services years ago..

No link to the Tea Party has been found despite your attempt and the massive left wing media's attempt to do so.

Rather, like Jesse Jackson Sr. wondered, 6 dead; there is no outrage when the victims are black.

Or dead Mexican's on the other side of the border.

The Great Old Broads, on the other hand, appear to be a target for silenced free speech and this does appear political (just another form of upgraded Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Particiption) and criminal.

I call em as I see em, too. Can you thoughts not stand even the simplest criticism?

Lets just turn off the comments column for old thin skinned Art?
January 17, 2011
Sorry Art, but the facts clearly show this sad sick man who shot innocent people was not politically motivated regardless of how much crazy talk is out there from the Tea Party, Democrats, or the Westboro Baptist Church (or in your case the Greens).

To use this tragedy to further political hatred as your column clearly does is a sign of the times - that even peaceniks are caught up in hate-speech and blame game:

"But when SHE appeared in a Sarah Palin campaign ad in the crosshairs, could the message have been any clearer".

As your comment to RFP shows you are aware that Ms. Gifford was not in the cross hairs but her district was. By slightly changing the facts you contribute to the lies and hate that has engulged our political system and our community.

Whether it be the President calling Republican's terrorists, Obama's preacher screaming G-D America, Rush whining on the radio, Beck preaching hate or Goodtimes turning a tragedy where a small child lost her life into a political rant is THE problem. Sorry Art, but you have become our local Glenn Beck - hateful and politically lost, spewing opinion without research.

Remember the local partisan Democrat who repeatedly posted on this and other forums that mediation and common ground are the same as Jim Crow laws. I will gladly send you the copies if you have forgotten the local hate spewed from both sides of the political spectrum from the folks that live in the "town without a bellyache".

Art, just as your moniker states your ideals and partisan values are extinct. While Beck and Rush are bile machines in their hate speech, it also sadly appears you have the same disease. One which is fueled by arrogance, misunderstanding, intolerance and self importance.

What is the purpose of an opinion piece?

We all know that they never change anyones mind (at least not in Telluride). They are printed for one of two reasons:

1. To get people to think.

2. To get people angry.

Art, which is the purpose of yours?

p.s. Peace will come when people stop thinking marching down a street beating a drum will change things. Stop sucking at the teet of party politics and vote the idiots out. It is that simple.

January 16, 2011

sarah palin's using crosshairs in an ad on GG's district, her use of the word "reload" in terms of political activism, the many talking tv heads who've inspired the tea party activists in the GOP

obviously you're being disengenuous. and as for the folks on the left who do that too, i don't listen to them nor do a i like or condone them. but i don't see anybody shooting republicans these days...

when we begin having political assassinations, i think it's time to rethink the violent rhetoric on the fringes of our political system.

and what's wrong with carnevale? he speaks the truth as he sees it. if you want facts, go read scientific american and wade through the hypotheses. mine is an opinion column. on the op-ed page. stick to your own facts, amigo. i call 'em as i see 'em...
January 13, 2011

Can you provide one Tea Party "rhetoric" that was any different than that of Bill Mathews or Ed Schulz or President Obama's pastor. "GD America!".

Being dedicated to the truth is fairly important; I expected more from you than this broadside...stick to the facts, please.

You almost sound like Carnevale these days and that would be ...awful.