Tebow Was Ugly, But as the Broncos Are Learning, a Win Is a Win
by Gus Jarvis
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I wonder if during the first 55 minutes of horrible football last Sunday in Miami where Tim Tebow took the lead role of quarterback, maybe fore a minute, Denver’s coaching staff wanted to point at all the Tebow-loving fans and say, “See, we told you he wasn’t that good!”

On the opposite end of that, after Tebow lead the Broncos to an 18-15 victory in overtime, I know all the Tebow loving fans wanted to point the finger at the Broncos coaching staff and say, “See, we told you he could win!”

Well, the Broncos did win their second game, and they did it against a winless Miami Dolphins, who will do just about anything to lose games in the fourth quarter. It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win, I guess. Denver’s problems haven’t been solved by any means, now that Tebow is under center.

Besides the Ravens-Jaguars Monday night game, the Broncos-Miami game might have been the worst game of football during the weekend. Besides a few short and impressive scrambles to keep from being sacked, Tebow was really, really unimpressive. In Denver’s first 11 possessions there were eight punts, two missed field goals (boy, those pissed me off) and a fumble. You could tell head coach John Fox had a simple run-the-ball game plan in place because he knew what the rest of Denver hadn’t seen yet – Tim Tebow can’t throw the ball.

So when it came time to air it out and throw the ball down field, man, he threw some dead ducks. These are passes that we’d all seen the ho-hum Kyle Orton throw to perfection many times before. It seemed like the highlight reel of Tebow’s passing blunders grew by the minute as the game went on.

Before the game, I decided to take my hard-earned money to a bar to have the Tim Tebow experience. For some reason, I just knew that a strong drink would be needed. When I arrived at the bar, I sat right next to a skinny guy wearing a Miami Dolphins hat. We both nodded to each other courteously as we sized each other up in case the trash-talking got out of hand later in the game.

What was interesting about this guy, which soon became apparent, is that he too was cheering for the Broncos, despite the Miami Dolphins hat. He too wanted the Dolphins to remain winless. I realized this just before half-time, and then it dawned on me that he was one of those fans wish to see is terrible team remain terrible so it can get the first draft pick next season. And without a good quarterback, this guy undoubtedly wants Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck next year. He’s one of those “Suck for Luck” geeks.

As I pondered this guy’s cheering for the Broncos while Tim Tebow continued to look really bad, I wondered if I should switch sides and start cheering for the Dolphins in this game and join the “Suck for Luck” crowd. Both Orton and Brady Quinn have one year left on their contracts, so they’re gone. And if Tebow plays the way he did during the first 55 minutes of Sunday’s game, Denver’s going to need a new quarterback. Maybe it is time for Denver to jump on the “Suck for Luck” bandwagon?

I thought about it and then thought better. It all wasn’t bad on Sunday. Finally the Broncos had a running game. According to The Denver Post, the Broncos ran for a total of 183 yards, the highest rushing total since 2009. And Tebow had some gems of his own. There were several instances where his mobility and strength got him out of trouble. One time, he even ran for a first down when it looked like he was going to get sacked for a safety. Kyle Orton would have gotten sacked for a safety if he’d been in the pocket during that play.

For whatever reason, Tebow seems to transform himself into a super hero when he’s against the clock. In the last five minutes of the game, he brought the team back by scoring two touchdowns and running for a two-point conversion (which everyone, except the Dolphins, knew he was going to do). Of course the Broncos’ comeback to win the game in overtime wasn’t solely because of Tebow. Denver’s special team was able to grab an onside kick. Matt Prater was able to actually kick a field goal to win the game after missing two earlier in the day. And there were two great catches by Denver’s receivers to keep the drive toward a victory alive. It was a team victory lead by Tim Tebow.

In Denver we really do have a tale of two quarterbacks. Kyle Orton was a prettier quarterback. Threw a better spiral, and made better throwing decisions. He put up great passing numbers, yet he couldn’t win games. Tebow seems to be a train wreck. He can’t throw the ball, and when he does, it isn’t pretty or even close to receivers. He can’t convert third downs. Yet, somehow he won a really, really ugly game. So far, Denver fans have gotten what they wanted out of Tebow. A win.

I will always take a win, but I’m not sure I will have the physical or mental strength to live through another win like last weekend’s. Next week it’s the Detroit Lions (and their massive pass rush) who have lost two straight and are angry. I hope Tebow’s ready.
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