‘No Bikes’ on Sneffels Highline, Got It?
by Jim Pettegrew, Telluride
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There were fresh tracks again, Friday morning, probably from Thursday afternoon, Sept. 20.

How many more “no bikes” signs will it take for mountain bikers to stop riding on the Sneffels Highline Trail?

Please, people, not every one of our trails needs to get ripped up by your sliding rear wheels.


- Jim Pettegrew, Telluride

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September 27, 2012
While I agree that cyclists should not be on trails not designated for mountain bike access the issue is that the area lacks quality trails for mountain bikers. Mountain bikers are not the dirtbags some people would like to view them as. Statistics show that most mountain bikers are males, 40 yr old, that make more than $100k a year. Most trails that 90% of these riders enjoy are cross country not downhill trails. Most thriving resort towns in Colorado have found a way to embrace this healthy lifestyle that has the same impact as hiking and less impact than horses on the environment. Hopefully the town and county can find a way to offer trails similar to the Prospect Trail so that these conflicts are reduced.