IT'S TABOOKA TIME! (Part Six in a Series)
Charlie the Dancing Caterpillar
by Gus Cougias
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“We always have a good time when we visit the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and white shoes,” said Susie to her brother Sam. “Let’s say the magic word by the apple trees, and go see him.”

Together, they said “Tabooka,” and zap, Susie and Sam were in magic land, where they were met by their friend, the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and house slippers… house slippers?

Where were his white shoes?

“Charlie the dancing caterpillar took them,” he said, explaining that a caterpillar looks like a hairy worm with many feet. “Maybe you can help me get them back. I know that he his heading for Fuzzy Wuzzy land. Here is a map that will guide you there.”

Susie and Sam started on the path to Fuzzy Wuzzy Land, to find the little man’s white shoes.

Pretty soon they heard movement among the trees.

“Hello, is anybody there?” they shouted.

“Hello, is anybody there?” they heard an echo.

“Hello again!” they shouted.

Susie and Sam were wondering what was going on until a bird flew down from the trees.

“Hi, kids, I'm a mocking bird, and I just love to repeat things. Where are you two going?”

“We are going to visit Charlie,” Susie and Sam said.

“Well, you are on the right track. Go straight ahead, straight ahead, straight ahead.”

As they continued on their way, Susie and Sam were met by the delicious smell of barbecue. Soon they came upon a baby dragon who was blowing fire on a hot dog on a stick.

“Hello, how about a juicy hot dog on a stick to make your day?” he asked them.

“Thank you, we don’t mind if we do,” Sam said.

“Where are you headed?” the dragon asked.

“We are going to Fuzzy Wuzzy Land. Is this the right way?”

“Oh, yes, keep going, and you will come to a pond where a goose lives.”

When Susie and Sam came to the pond, they heard, “Honk, honk, honkey-tonk.”

“Hi, you two,” said the goose. “How would you like to hear the ‘Honkeytonk Blues,’ one of my favorite tunes?” the goose asked.

“We sure would,” said Susie and Sam.

The goose played the song like it had never been played before, while stomping his webbed feet.

“Thank you, we would love to stay and listen to more of your songs, but we have to be on our way,” said Susie and Sam, when it was over.

They came up to the edge of a swamp and all of a sudden, an alligator popped up out of the water.

“Hi, girl and boy, do you have any marshmallows? Especially, the chocolate covered ones?” asked the alligator.

“Sorry, we don’t have any,” said Susie and Sam.

“How far is Fuzzy Wuzzy Land from here?”

“Oh, just a couple of miles. I sure wish you had some chocolate covered marshmallows. Have a good day.”

The alligator slipped back into the swamp.

Susie and Sam came across an open field, where an ostrich was kicking a soccer ball.

“Got time to play a game of soccer?” the ostrich asked.

“Wish we had time, but it is getting late and we have to reach Fuzzy Wuzzy Land before dark.”

The kids finally came to a field of flowers, where Charlie was dancing to his heart’s content, his many colorful shoes, including a pair of white shoes, going in all directions as he danced.

“Hi, Charlie, I’m Susie and this is my brother, Sam. Pleasure to meet you,” Susie said.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Charlie said. “Do you like to play games?”

“Oh yes, we do. There is one game you could play with us with all of those shoes you wear. Do you know what it is? It’s called shoe hunt. You take off all your colorful shoes and put them in a bag. We will take ours off and also put them in a bag.”

The shoes were put into a big bag.

“You take a turn first,” Susie said. “Name a color of a shoe and then reach in the bag to see if it is the color of the shoe you named. If you're correct, you will get a gift card to Sally’s Shoe Shop for a new pair of shoes.

“Now, if my brother or I guess the color of the shoe pulled out, we get to select any pair of shoes in the bag. Is that OK?”

“Great! Let’s play the game of shoe hunt,” Charlie said in excitement.

Charlie said “yellow,” but pulled out a red shoe.

Susie said “white” and pulled out a white shoe. The white shoe was the one that Charlie stole from the little man.

Charlie said, “Oh well, you can’t win them all.

“I will have to pick up another pair of white shoes somewhere.”

Little did Charlie know, Susie had tied a bow on each shoe lace of the white shoes before putting them in the bag.

She had no trouble feeling around for the white shoes inside the bag with a tied bow.

Susie and Sam had played a trick on the dancing caterpillar to get back the shoes that did not belong to him.

The kids left Fuzzy Wuzzy Land and returned to the little man and gave him his pair of shoes that replaced the house slippers.

He was a very happy man.

Susie and Sam were tickled pink about the whole incident.

© 2007 Gust Cougias
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