The Adventures of Susie and Sam in Tabooka Land
by Gust Cougias
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© b.z. kondracki
© b.z. kondracki
Susie and Sam were playing ball in their backyard when the ball rolled to the end of the yard and stopped under an apple tree.

When they went to get their ball, Susie and Sam had a pleasant surprise.

Up in the apple tree, sitting on a branch, was a little man in a blue jacket, red pants and white shoes.

“Hi, kids,” he said. “I have been waiting a long time to see you and tell you all about a make-believe place called Tabooka, in magic land.

“Let me tell you about Tabooka magic land – what it is, and where it’s at.

“Here, in the real world,” he told Susie and Sam, “if you have a kitty, and you tell it to play the piano, it can’t play the piano.

“But in make-believe Tabooka magic land, your kitty can play beautiful music on the piano.

“Here, in the real world, if you stretch out your arms and flap them up and down like a bird, you can’t fly around.

“But in make-believe Tabooka magic land, when you stretch out your arms and flap them up and down like a bird, you can fly here and there and everywhere.

“Would you like to go to Tabooka magic land and have some fun?” the little man asked Susie and Sam.

“We sure would,” they both said, at the same time.

“OK,” said the little man.

“Simply repeat after me the magic word: ‘Tabooka!’”

Susie and Sam said: “Tabooka!”

ZAP! In a flash, they were in Tabooka magic land.

The first thing Susie and Sam saw when they looked down the road was a fork and a spoon, singing and dancing as they came toward them.

“Would you like to sing and dance ‘The Tabooka Two-Step?’” the fork and spoon asked Susie and Sam.

“Oh, yes, we would!” answered Susie and Sam.

“Can you teach us? Please, please, please!”

“Sure,” said the fork and spoon. “All you have to do is take two steps forward, take two steps back, turn around two times to the left and two times to the right.

“It’s that simple.”

Susie and Sam did as they were told, and discovered “The Tabooka Two-Step” was easy and fun to do.

Susie said, “Can you teach us the words of the song that you sing?”

“Of course,” said the fork and the spoon. “It goes like this: Two cups of sunshine, one spoon of love, a glass of happiness, on the wings of a dove.”

Susie and Sam sang, “Two cups of sunshine, one spoon of love, a glass of happiness, on the wings of a dove,” while they danced “The Tabooka Two-Step.”

As they were singing and dancing, a teapot and coffeepot came down the road.

“Hi,” said the teapot and coffeepot to Susie and Sam. “Are you visiting Tabooka Land?”

“Yes, we are,” said Susie and Sam.

“Enjoy your visit,” said the teapot, “and next time you’re here, please come to the Kitchen Korner to see us perform.

“I whistle the ‘Teapot Toot,’” said the teapot, “and he bubbles the ‘Coffee Can Blues.’ You’ll enjoy the show!”

“We hope we can come,” said Susie and Sam. And then it was time to go home.

Sam said to the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and white shoes, “We have to go home now. Can we ever see you again?”

“Sure,” said the little man. “To come back again, just go into the apple orchard and say the secret word, ‘Tabooka!’ and you will return to the magic land.

“And to go back home from magic land,” said the little man, “you simply say, ‘Tabooka!’”

They said “Tabooka!”

And ZAP! In a flash, Susie and Sam were home again, among the apple trees in their backyard.

Just then, their mom and dad looked out the window into the backyard to make sure that Susie and Sam were OK. “Would you look at that?” said their mom to their dad. “Susie and Sam are singing and dancing. They sure seem to be having a good time.

“I wonder where they learned how to sing that song and dance that dance?”

© 2006 Gust Cougias
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