A Trip to the Okey-Dokey Bakery
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Susie and Sam could not help thinking about all of the times they visited the magic land by saying “Tabooka,” and since they were just sitting in their back yard, they felt it was time for another adventure.

“Tabooka!” they said, among the apple trees, and ZAP, they were in the land of magic where great things happen. The little man in the red suit, blue jacket and white shoes welcomed them back.

“You’re going to enjoy the place where I’m taking you,” said the little man.

As they entered a small building, Susie said, “Oh, my goodness, what a delicious smell. Is this a bakery?”

“Yes,” said the little man. “It is one of the ‘Okey-Dokey’ bakeries that you don’t find back home, where most of the goodies are secret recipes, and you will soon find out why.”

Susie and Sam went through a large door, which they had to close it right away, so the angels making the angel food cakes wouldn’t flyaway.

These angel food cakes are light and fluffy, like white clouds in the sky, and the angels mix in a variety of clouds to get their mouth-watering taste – just how much, they refuse to tell, because that is their trade secret.

In the next room, Susie and Sam saw a giant pot in which donuts were being dunked, prompting Susie to say, “Gee, my Aunt Nancy would sure like to see how these donuts are made, because her donuts were out of this world.”

But these donuts are square and not round, Susie noticed.

“Why are they square?” she asked.

“Because round donuts can easily roll off the table onto the floor, and who wants to eat a donut off the floor,” said the little man, “especially a chocolate donut, where yucky things could stick to it.

“And,” he added, “with square donuts, you can build a house.”

In n the next room, a group of squirrels was making pecan pies.

These squirrels knew how to select the best pecan nuts to go into their pies –and they had some bear friends, who brought them just the right molasses and honey to sweeten the pies.

Boy, oh boy, just smell those pies!

In the next building, Susie and Sam saw a group of bunny rabbits wearing pajamas while they baked their Sweet Dreams cookies. The trick was making just the right dreams go into the cookies in just the right size so that the bunny rabbits could put them on the cookie sheet.

Ozzie the wise old owl figured it all out, giving the bunny rabbits a special blender that made all the cookies just the same site.

Then came a building that was smaller than the rest of the buildings, because it was where they made shortbread cookies. Susie and Sam peeked inside to have a look at the tiny little people who were busy cutting square and diamond-shaped cookies, and sprinkling them with sugar.

It was a tall order to make this type of cookie, but the little people were up to it.

In the next place, everybody was in costume, and they were making pumpkin pies of all kinds.

The Trick-or-Treat pumpkin pie had chips of candy in it; the Mystery Pie was made by bakers wearing masks; the Fluffy Pies were as light as a feather, with the bakers blowing air through straws into the pies to make them light and fluffy and delicious.

All the good smells reminded Susie and Sam it was close to supper-time, and that they should head back home. They thanked their friend, the little man in red pants, blue jacket, and white shoes for the wonderful visit. Then they said the magic word, “Tabooka,” and soon landed back at home in their backyard among the apple trees.

“Dad, go tell the kids to come in to eat supper, and tell them I have made a special pie for dessert,” Mom said.

Susie and Sam both agreed their Mom would fit right in at the Okey-Dokey bakeries, and that everything she bakes could win a blue ribbon any day of the week.

© 2007 Gust Cougias
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