‘Attention, Parents, Nobody Ever Said Lady Gaga Makes Your Kid Smarter’
by Robert Roth
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While recently at the Wilkinson Public Library, I noticed with alarm that the classical CD section had shrunk by about 50 percent, I estimated. I inquired of an employee and was told that the discs were "tossed" due to a lack of interest. An image entered my mind of Mozart sailing through the air like a frisbee and entering the gaping maw of a dumpster. Then the same public servant said, "I took some of them home myself."

Was this a nightmare ? No, it was real. Our tax dollars at work.

With this logic , I wondered if the Shakespeare was still on the shelf. Had they "tossed" that, as well? Who wants to read that old stuff ? And then I remembered that only a couple years ago  this same library sponsored an educational series called "Who Is Afraid of Classical Music", led by Tom White. This must be the highest height of irony!

Classical music is some of the highest and most sophisticated culture we have and it is sacred ground, like Shakespeare, and should never be tread on. The W.P.L. took a chainsaw to it. The library is "dumbing" itself down to cater to what they see as a not very sophisticated public and in doing so is walking a path where this institution should never go. This is a vicious cycle and it promotes even less intelligence among citizens. They are "tossing" Schubert and  giving plenty of space for Lady Gaga in a meat dress.

Attention, parents, nobody ever said Lady Gaga makes your kid smarter.

A stunt like this brings into question the competency and judgement of those in charge, the WPL. deciders. And let's not forget, these are the same folks who bring you what is probably the noisiest library in America.  

If anything, the WPL should be expanding the classical section. There is plenty of room in the library for all kinds of music. Please let the library know.

– Robert Roth

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