Colorado newspapers

Looking for a news source in Colorado, the USA? There is much to select from, with the most famous and widespread daily newspaper, Denver Post, having the audience of over 390,000 residents. The leading news provider of Colorado Springs is the Gazette with almost 65,000 of readership, while Boulder’s chief news provider is the Daily Camera. Telluride Daily Planet occupies the 7th place in the overall Colorado ranking of readership numbers with over 20,000 of regular audience.

Given that the state of Colorado, similar to all US states, is divided into regions with their distinct community life and topical events, many regional newspapers also possess high value and reputation in specific locales. For instance, the task of news and event reporting in the region of Telluride is undertaken by a long-standing The Watch newspaper, alongside with the Telluride Daily Planet. These two major news sources shape the local Telluride media landscape and function as primary news coverage providers and business directories for local communities.

Visiting Colorado may be a rare treat both for an American and for a foreigner; its vast natural landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and vibrant cultural events leave memorable impressions and create an unforgettable atmosphere. But how to decide which places to visit, where to have a delicious dinner, which car rental service to use, etc.? As a newcomer, you definitely need guidance, which can well be sought in local newspapers. In the 21st century, you don’t need to go and buy a newspaper in a shop nearby – the majority of media sources have already gone online.

So which source to use while in Colorado? If you are staying around Denver – visit the Denver Post’s website, it is the largest Colorado newspaper hosting a great variety of news and events data. Visiting Durango? Then the Durango Herald will be of much assistance to you. Staying in Boulder? The choice should definitely fall on the Gazette! Having a tour at the Telluride ski resort? Try the Watch newspaper – it contains all relevant information about everything going on in the area.