"Bump Club" Update
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It’s been nice to get away from the tight mogul competition schedule, and enjoy some relaxing time in Telluride. For the past few weeks now, we’ve taken a break from traveling to Rocky Mountain and World Cup events. We’ve used our free time to shoot some of the beautiful landscapes around town, getting Ski Watch up to speed, and taking filming days and free skiing with Telluride ski legends like Caleb Martin, Hugh Sawyer, as well as one of the first bump clubbers, Dylan Brooks.

While Dylan is coaching a co-ed group of 1st and 2nd graders and Hugh is coaching a group of 5th and 6th grade girls, Caleb is still busy training, traveling, and teaching a talented team of teens.

The Ski Club’s annual Ski-athon took place last Saturday, and we met up with Dylan and his group, who were all adorned in extra long fake beards in memoriam of Captain Jack Carey. Dylan’s Group, part of Team Gravity, consisted of three boys (Christian, Julian, and Aden) and two girls (Maile and Ruby), all of whom are little shredders. Carlos and I spent the morning pseudo coaching Dylan’s Group, talking to the kids on the lift, filming, and trying to keep up.

It was cool to get a new perspective on skiing from them. Carlos and I typically keep to Lift 9, Gold Hill, Prospect hike-tos, and the occasional Run on Lift 6, but we got out of the norm skiing with Dylan’s group, racing the Nastar course, skiing the mini-park, and the devo bump course on Smuggler.

Our day with Dylan was capped off by a run on Buzz’s glade where Christian took one of the better falls I’ve ever seen, tumbling over a small band of rocks and through powder for about 30 feet, double ejecting skis and poles. When I skied down to Christian, he looked up at me glazy-eyed. I asked him if he was ok, and he responded, “What just happened?” Christian wasn’t hurt in the crash.

Saturday evening, Carlos and I stepped outside of his house with camera in hand to get a time-lapse of the sunset to the west. After Carlos pointed out the snow waterfalls that had been happening all day, we started talking about the volatile snow conditions and the massive fracture lines in Bear Creek Basin in days past, and about possibly seeing Ajax slide.

We got into the car, and drove to the valley floor to shoot the golden sunset, and upon arriving, I was hit with phone calls from my brother, Greg, and David to tell us that Ajax had just slid. That’s just how it seems to go with filming, at the perfect moment, the camera always seems to be pointed the other way. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see or film the Ajax slide, but we still got to watch a beautiful orange sunset over the valley floor.

It’s been a really quick winter. There’s still plenty of snow to fall, and skiing to be had, but the winter is winding down day by day. Carlos, David, and I are off to Steamboat for the Final NorAm Event of the year to film locals Keaton McCargo, Lindsey Cannon, Wade Parkinson, and Zak Watkins. Locals Lane Stoltzner, now skiing for the Steamboat team, and Joe and Jimmy Discoe, will also be competing in the event. Wish them all luck!

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